STEFFENINI VALVES has a warehouse raw materials tailored to the needs of the customer. This strategic choice allows you to decrease lead time material procurement.
All material is certified and stored in according to logics that allow high rotation.
Stock of partial-finished pieces and standard components are managed to be able to give a quick response to market needs.


The varied and wide range of facilities allows the complete domestic production of all the components of the valves.
Every piece is constantly monitored to ensure that the timing of implementation and completion of orders are respected.
The qualified staff follows with attention every  critic item and inspectors have access to all details in our machine shop.


Every item is carefully checked. The machine of three-dimensional control Zeiss placed in room air-conditioned issues test reports with absolute precision both on components before assembling and on finished valve about dimensional and geometric shares.
In addition to the dimensional checks, PT-RT-UT-VT-MT and any additional tests required in according to standard procedure or customer’s needs are done both during the production process and at the end.


The high quality that is being pursued in the previous step is materialized in the assembly phase which is performed also in the structure in Casnigo.


All tests are performed by trained personnel with equipment and facilities that ensure the safety not only for the product but also for the staff.
The tests are done in according to the international standards and specific customer requirements: tests with air, water and gas, both at room  temperature and for cryogenic scope.


The staff is always available for every need and / or information since the first contact. In case of need the customer is followed directly with after-sales service.

Steffenini Valves is able to certify qualifications in Non Destructive Testing. EN9712VT-PT-MT  |  SNT-TC-1-VT-PT-MT